Frequently Asked Questions

What products do your Photo Art products come in?

At this present time, Peter Liebig Photo Art offers prints (through a third party link) that come in the following sizes: 12″x18″; 16″x20″; 20″x30″.  The third party does not offer frames at this time.

Watch for an announcement coming soon, as we will be updating this website to offer online, insite sales, that will include frames with the prints and banners, as well as other items offered from time to time.

What distingurishes your Photo Art from regular photography?

Regular photography, though sometimes enhanced, are images that are produced professionally as a portrait, landscape, and other venues.  Regular images are found nearly everywhere.  The difference between photo art and regular photography is that Peter takes his photography to another level, often now called “Lens Based ART.”  It combines art with photography and includes, but is not limited to digital painting, digital drawings, as well as other renderings.  Peter’s art becomes truly an ART PIECE and often doesn’t even look like a regular photograph any longer.

What sizes do you sell?

Prints presently come in 12″x18″; 13″x19″, 16″x20′; and 20″x30″.

Do you sell 5x7 or 8x10’s of your photo art.

I’m very sorry, we do not sell our photo art in 5×7 or 8×10 prints.

Do you do on location special shoots for our cars?

Yes, we very much can come to your location and do a “photo shoot” of your car(s) or other vehicle, and then turning the images into photo art.  We offer individual prints and can also offer gorgeous albums.  There is a charge for a “photo shoot” of your special car, truck or boat.  Please contact us directly for a quote and further information.

Will you be expanding your offerings?

Absolutely.  Plans are in the works for you to actually be able to buy right on this website and when that happens, we will expand our offerings substantially.  Watch for more details.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the time that you order your product.

I have something special in mind. Do you process customized orders?

Absolutely.  Just contact us by phone or email and we will return the call or email as soon as possible.  Special orders are always fun for our staff to do.  We do large displays as well, recently completing a 10 foot long collage of images for a client.

What is this about a VIP CLUB?

Our Peter Liebig Photo Art VIP CLUB is absolutely free to join and includes discounts and special offers not available to non members.  Just sign up for our “sms” cell phone messages and/or email. You may opt out at any time.

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You may call us or leave a message on our 24/7 chat line on this website, for any kind of help. Please be aware that we are not on the site at all times.  Be sure to leave a message for us or email/call us for a special concern or need.